How To Play Bingo

Bingo has always been one of the most played games since it has come about. When Bingo first came about the scene, it was a social thing in bingo halls, church halls, casinos and any form of a social club. Nowadays this is still the case but the Bingo playing has widened the horizons and is now massively played online especially with the option of playing for real cash.

Before people would have to organise a mode of transport where as now anyone can play Bingo from any location with it being widely accessible online. The bonus about playing Bingo online is the fact that there are so many more variations out there to choose from. Once you learn how to play Bingo, Bingo online is easy and you have the chance to win cash, avail of the best bonuses and more after registering with an online casino or Bingo game site. Below we have gone through every detail of Bingo to help you learn how to play and get winning some real money and prizes!

How to Play Online Bingo

Online Bingo has exactly the same concept as the traditional game. You purchase a set of randomly selected cards, with most good sites providing the opportunity to change cards usually seen as ‘change cards’ or ‘new cards’. Each player on the table will have a caller and display board that show numbers with what patterns you want to use. The latest Bingo software usually automatically marks your numbers and will call bingo for you or there is the manual option.

In most of the latest updated bingo games online, there is an ‘Option’ setting to allow you to alternate between manual and automatic game play. There is also a setting the change the shapes of daubers and the colour. A lot of Bingo sites also give the ‘Pre-purchase’ setting which will allow you to purchase cards whether you are playing the game or not.

Depending on whether the Bingo site is US or European Rules, there are 75 to 90possible Bingo numbers. All numbers are appointed in RNG (Random Number Generator) tab by a ball. The Caller will announce it to the table and then players check to see if the number appears. If the number is present, the player will go on to mark it by clicking the card ( or automatic option chosen).

When a player has Bingo, they will click on the Bingo button to claim their winnings. Saying that, if you are a newcomer to Bingo, then it is recommended that you use the automatic daub setting to help develop more of an understanding for the game.

A lot of online Bingo games software have the ‘best card forward’ setting, this allows you to minimise or maximise cards using a + or – button to enable you to see more cards at the same table. This puts the card closest to your preferred pattern in the first card position on the table.

Even with the game being very straight forward and simplistic, Bingo is still one of the most popular games today. Once you have the basics of playing Bingo understood, it is time to figure out what is the best Bingo site for you to play with. We highly recommend that you choose a highly reputable and regulated Bingo site when choosing the best online casino for you. After choosing the best online casino for you then it is on to availing and choosing the best bingo bonus and promotions that can help you to leverage on the gambling experience.

Winning Odds for Online Bingo

With regards to winning odds, they are pretty much the same with online bingo as they are with traditional Bingo, only just depending on the variations of the games you play. For each player on the one table to all have an even chance of calling Bingo, they must all have bought the same amount of cards. So for example if you have twenty players in a game and if each person playing buys two cards the odds of calling Bingo will be 19:1. To simplify this, the winning probability is 5%. Another example would be if each person playing only has one card apart from one player who has bought four, the odds increase to 5:8:1 taking the probability up to 17%. What you should be taking from this is that the number of Bingo cards you attain has an affect on the winning odds. Bingo is a game of pure chance with the fact that the more cards you buy per game, the better chances of calling Bingo!

Best Bingo Bonuses & Jackpots Explained

Any well reputable, well reviewed Bingo site or online casino will offer a set of bonuses, jackpots andpromotions. Some of the casinos offer better bonuses and promotions so be sure to take advantage of this and get free money to play with. Jackpots then give players the opportunity to win up to €150,000 in progressive bingo on different websites.


Not all sites have welcome bonus packages so always scout out the site that can get you the best offer. You avail of these bonuses by registering with the site and making a deposit. To make this clear we will use an example, has an offer of a Deposit Bonus of 200%. This means you can deposit the sum of €100 and you will be provided a further €100 to play with. All of these bonuses and promotions mean that you can enjoy playing on different sites and casinos and get a taste for the best online casino for you. Some sites then go on to offer a Referral Bonus, this is where you get free cash or bonus every time you refer a friend.

As lovely as all of these bonuses sound, always, always, always make sure to read the Terms & Conditions prior to any decisions. This makes sure you are complying with the T & C’s and reap the benefits from doing so.

There are some Bingo websites and online casinos that will offer a Reload Bonus for existing punters to replace the welcome bonuses for newcomers. This type of bonus is where the site doubles the amount you deposit. Most Bingo websites and online casinos have a loyalty scheme of a Loyalty Bonus to offer. This is where you are rewarded for continuously playing and depositing regularly. Giveaways and free spins and Bingo games are what to be expected.

Gaming Software for Bingo

When speaking on terms of Bingo, instead of searching through endless amounts of Bingo websites, look for Bingo developers instead. To save your precious playing time and to play with good software, look for Bingo websites and online casinos that feature games made by a few of the developers mentioned below:

  1. Microgaming
  2. Virtue Fusion – Playtech
  3. Gamesys
  4. Brighend Limited

These four are the main software developers in online card and casino gaming and they offer many variations with different bingo rules. Playtech and Microgaming are definitely the top two leading developers with fantastic visuals, sound effects and user friendly games which makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Whenever you choose to play Bingo online, always choose games provided by the four main developers mentioned and you will always have a secure gaming experience. If there is a Bingo website where you really want to play on but it has it’s own platform then always go on reviews and reputation. Always read reviews on sites to form an opinion before playing. We have many reviews here on our site for you to read up on. Just click here.

Today not only Bingo but other online games are offering 3D options. It has proven to be very popular and adds to the gaming experience. Any of the main four software developers mentioned are known for their amazing 3D visuals and gameplay. This is all to add to your experience of gambling at home.

Hopefully with the help of our reviews and site, you will have found a Bingo site that suits to all of your needs to play with, when you have done so then just dive into the gaming experience. Accept those bonuses and promotions and play until your heart’s content. Saying that, always remember that Bingo is a game and should be enjoyed responsibly, some people may get addicted to gambling. Bingo is a game of chance so have fun, don;t get too caught up in it and don’t believe some strategy myths. So start playing and start having fun today!

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