Privacy Policy

By visiting this website you agree to the Privacy Policy which you will find full details of below. This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time, and if changed we will of course update this page accordingly.

Below you will find out how we gather information from our website visitors and also how we use that information. As such we recommend that you read through this section of our website and if you have any additional questions regarding this Privacy Policy or any other aspects of using our website then please do get in touch with us.

Information Collected By Us

We may use a website visitor tracking software on this website which allows us to find out what country they are visiting this website from and the type of device or the type of operating system attached to their computer or mobile device they are using to visit this website.

That tracking software simply allows us to then display the most relevant information to each of our website visitors. We do to require you to have to sign up to this website or register to access any part of it and as such you are free to come and go as you please at any time

Cookies and How We Use Your Information

We will place a cookie onto your computer when you visit this website which will allow us to identify you as a visitor. All of the information we collect from you is only used to help improve your experience of visiting this website.

Be aware that if you sign up to any email newsletter then by doing so you agree that we can make contact you with our newsletter to keep you informed and up to date with any special promotional bingo related offers we think will be of interest to you.

Banner and Links

Throughout this website you will find banners and text links which will, when you click on them take you to a third party bingo related website. Be aware that the bonus offers and promotional deals displayed via those banner and text links are subject to change at any time.

We would suggest you follow the links by clicking on them to double check the validity of any promotional offers or bonus offer displayed, as it will be the bingo sites website that you will find the current value of those bonuses and promotions is they have changed, which they can do at anytime.

Third Party Websites

Finally please be aware that any third party website that we do have links to or that we mention anywhere within this website will have their own privacy policy in place along with their own terms and conditions for using that respective website.

We cannot be held responsible for any content displayed on any third party website we have links to or mention anywhere on this website, and as such please check the privacy polices attached to any third party website.