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Popular Myths In Bingo

Still to this day, Bingo is up there with one of the most played games. There are a massive amount of players from the UK and Ireland with plenty of false information going around about this popular game. This article is just purely for your benefit to help rule out all myths you may come across.



Myth #1:

People who don’t necessarily play bingo or other games often think people who do play are wasting money and pouring it down the drain. This is not exactly the case at all, a lot of people play free games and when they do play with money, bet as little as 0.50 to begin with. There are also no-deposit bingo bonuses on certain Bingo sites to use also.

Myth #2:

As much as some people believe that playing Bingo is a waste of money, they also believe that it is a waste of time and time not well spent. The back up for this doubt is the fact that so many players have won massive amounts of money and won jackpots which in turn would have made the time spent very beneficial. People often forget that playing Bingo in land casinos and halls is also a way of socialising and meeting new people, this can only be seen as beneficial.

Myth #3:

Majority of the population may consider Bingo as a game for the elderly but then when they think of online bingo, believe that it can’t be easy for the elderly to use. This is false, all online bingo sites and casinos try to accommodate to all age groups and work very hard with software providers to provide a very accessible and user friendly site. The elderly should never feel frightened to use online Bingo sites and casinos.

Myth #4:

So many people believe that Bingo sites and casinos are a pure scam and you should never invest your money with any of them. In one sense yes, you cannot trust all sites but not all are scammers trying to take you of your money. Always make sure to do the background research of any site or online casino you wish to play on. Always, always, always read reviews and articles or threads on forums about certain sites and casinos. We have reviews here on our site where we list online casinos to help you choose the best online casino for you.

Myth #5:

A frequently floating myth is that there can’t possibly be any major level of financial gains form playing Bingo online. This is false, there are so many bonuses and jackpots out there that have massive wins of cash to be won. For a game that some may just use as a pastime, there are a lot of financial success to avail of.

Myth #6:

It has often been doubted of the safety of bingo sites, if you read up on well reviewed, reputable bingo sites and casinos there really is no need to worry. The safe Bingo casinos use security measures such as encryption services and this protect players’ card and account details. Some authorities make sure that the Bingo sites provide proof of this before allowing the casino to go live.

There you have it, a few myths that are commonly around straightened out for you. If you ever have a doubt of whether or not a piece of information is correct or not just check the source this information is coming from and try use your instinct as to whether or not it is a valid source. The more time you spend playing Bingo, you will be able to use your own instinct to be able to rule out what is true and what is false information. Bingo is a great, fun and sociable game and the few myths floating around should not put you off. Check out our reviews and let us help you choose the best online casino for you and get playing today!


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Frequently Asked Questions


There are plenty of FAQs with setting up with Bingo sites and online casinos, that is exactly why we have gone to save you endless hours of searching for the majority being answered here!

How to register online?

This step is for the most part is very simple and easy. There will majority of the time be a ‘Join Now’ button or link somewhere on the homepage or at the top right hand corner. Just click this button and fill in the registration form, it only takes a few moments to do so.

Why do I have to give my credit card details when I register?

When registering at first they may ask you for your credit card details, this will just be that the site or casino you have chosen will want to verify who you are. No deposit of money will be taken unless you, at a later date, decide you want to deposit cash to play with.

Will I need to download software?

If yo have chosen any of the main, well reputable Bingo sites or online casinos, you will not have to download any software. It is as straight forward as registering, depositing money and playing straight away. The odd casino or Bingo Site may ask you to download the newest version of Flash if you do not have it downloaded already. This is purely to increase the quality of the game.

How Can I Log In?

Logging in to Bingo sites and casinos is usually very straight forward. Most sites have a log in box at the top of the homepage, you enter your chosen username and password into this box and then you can access all of your information, manage depositing and play your games.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

It is simple yet very secure to recover from forgetting your password. Underneath the log in box there will always be a ‘Forgotten My Password’ link. Click on the link and follow the set of instructions given to you. If any further queries or troubles call the customer service team. The number should be provided under ‘Contact’ page.

How can I deposit money into my account?

Like many other steps when playing Bingo, depositing money into your account is easy. This time there will be a ‘Deposit’ or ‘Deposit Now’ link on your account page. Follow the instructions given to you and you shall have your money deposited in no time.

Is there a minimum amount I can deposit?

Majority of Bingo sites and online casinos have the same minimum deposit amount. The only thing that will differ is the currency so usually is will be 5 or £5. Always make sure to check before depositing as this may vary between sites.

How will transactions appear on my bank statement?

Any deposits and withdrawals from your chosen site or online casino will note a Reference Title on your statements. This will be very clear to avoid any further confusions.

Can I withdraw the money I won with my free welcome bonus?

This can vary from site to site. The best thing to do is to read the Terms & Conditions of the site you have chosen to play with.

How long should it take to make a withdrawal to my account?

Majority of the time, most sites will have your monies processed and transferred into your account within a week but may take up to two weeks. It varies from site to site.

Can I exclude myself at any time on a site?

If at any point of playing online Bingo you feel you need to stop, that the gambling is overcoming you, you are becoming addicted or that you are spending too much money then you always have the right to suspend your account. This may need to be done through a Customer Support Team but once you get onto them just give them the amount of time you want your account to remain active.

How can I contact the Customer Support Team?

On every Bingo site and online casino site there is a link or a page to click on called ‘Customer Support’ or ‘Contact Us’ or something along the likes. They usually provide email and phone to help you with your query.

Is it legal to play Bingo Online in the Republic of Ireland?

Online Bingo and gambling is completely legal to play in the Republic of Ireland. But as new gambling laws have come into place in R.O.I. Be sure to check that the site you have chosen to play with is in a restricted territory or not. We have a list here on our site with the registered gambling firms.

Will all of my personal details be safe?

Security of players and gamblers is taken very seriously from well reputable sites. Banking and personal details are secure with the use of an encrypted method which makes it impossible for anyone to gain access to the given details.

Are online Bingo games honestly fair?

All well reputable, well reviewed websites and online casinos use RNG (Random Number Generator) system. This makes sure there will always be random results. RNG has been tested over many, many times and has been proven to always be random.